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COVID-19 On-Site Programs


Temperature Screening 

As employees return to work, CHI is now offering temperature screening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Temperature screens are an early predictor of the COVID-19 virus and these health checks can help businesses determine the presences of an elevated temperature in an employee thus providing a layer of protection for your organization.  Trained technicians arrive on site to perform the screenings using a non-touch, infrared thermometer. 

Based on the results of the screening and employee will either go to work or be sent home in accordance with company guidelines. The program is customized based on your population and companies’ operational needs.

On Site Temperature Screening

 > Trained Technicians arrive on -site to perform screenings equipped

with Temperature Monitoring Equipment and PPE (Mask, gloves)

 >  Site prepared for optimum efficiency to reduce wait times while

adhering to social distancing requirements.

 >  Client determines threshold temperature levels and protocols for

action post-screening (e.g. not allowed to enter location, issue a face mask,

provide hand sanitizer, etc.)

 >  4 hours minimum

COVID-19 Health Education and Resources:

CHI Wellness, LLC can assist you in finding resources to prepare and protect the health and safety of your employees. Resources include HR Advisement, Preparedness Training, and wellness programs to support immune function and overall health and safety of your employees.

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