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CPR/AED & FIRST Aid Programs 

(Certification included)

CHI offers a variety of options for CPR and First Aid Training.  Below are various offerings.

CPR/AED Class (approx. 3 hrs)  

This course goes over the details on CPR and includes the standard AED training (Use of Defibrillator) in emergency situations.  It is a credentialed   CPR course covering Adult, Child, and Infant CPR skills, along with the use of barrier protection such as pocket masks.  Participants will also learn how to use an AED.  Employees get didactic training and can practice CPR using state of the art manikins.   Students are provided with CPR Training Certification card (or” Digital” version) good for 2 years, as well as a CPR Manual.) Certifications are through the American Heart Association or the American Safety and Health Institute.  ASHI certifications are recognized by OSHA and the Department of Health and Human Sciences across almost all US States.

CPR/AED/First Aid (approx. 3-4 hrs)   

In addition to CPR/AED training, this includes a module on First Aid covering many common emergencies and first aid topics such as, how to deal with: Stroke, Heart attacks, Burns, Strains, Splinting  uncontrolled bleeding, asthma attacks, and more. A welcome add-on to your CPR/AED Program.

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