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Health Fairs

The corporate health fair is one of our most popular program allowing employees to take advantage of preventative medicine. The health fairs are multidisciplinary in scope with a variety of health professionals offering information on the latest developments in Health, Workplace Safety, Stress Management, Nutrition and Natural Medicine and more. The Health Fair can be customized to meet the needs of your employees and you can choose from a variety of health offerings including: chiropractic, physical therapy, podiatry, dental, acupuncture, vision screening,  nutrition, aromatherapy, body fat, massage, yoga, tai chi, healthy cooking, skincare and spa services and more.

Health Fairs are easy to set up and are usually scheduled between 12-2pm or at your convenience and require a minimum amount of floor space. The program has been very well received, not only because it provides your employees with information vital to their health, but because the Health Fair creates tremendous goodwill and enhances employee relations.


Studies have shown that many health problems can be avoided with regular screenings and access to up- to- date health care information. Reducing health risks in your population is the goal and that support your company’s Bottom Line.

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